Visiting Scholars

Xuan LiuXuan Liu is a doctoral candidate of Arts in History of Classic Chinese Theatre at the Shanghai Theatre Academy in China. Liu’s research is focused on the relationship between text and performance, and the impact of the interaction between them on the development of theatrical forms. She is working on a comparative study on the history of the performance of Chinese classical theatre, such as Kunqu opera, and Western theatre. Liu is Carlson Center Associate of the Marvin Carlson Theatre Center at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.




Han Gui

Han Gui is a Ph.D. student from Shanghai Theatre Academy in China. Gui’s work is focused on the relationship between French dramatist Antonin Artaud and the American experimental theatre company, The Living Theatre. The project is focused on the interplay between Artaud’s theory and The Living Theatre’s methods of performance. Through her research, Gui hopes to encourage Chinese theatre studies to continue bridging gaps between theory and the performing arts. Gui was the Archivist for the Marvin Carlson Theatre Center Website in 2016-2017.





Yanhui Liu is an Associate Professor of Theatre Literature and Writing Dept. Shanghai Theater Academy. Her research is focused on Playwriting and Dramaturgy. She has published several books and plays as follows: Drama: Jie Xu (The Four Officials of Ming Dynasty).The Winner of National Arts Fund), The Plays, 2015; The Death of Kang Ji: The Celebrities in Wei-Jin Period. The Winner of Shanghai Arts Fund, The Plays, 2016. Theory: The Study of “Huai” Opera,(Drama Press of China, 2008); The Practice and Theory about the Applied Drama (Shanghai Bookstore Press, 2011); The Creative Thinking of Chinese Opera Writing (Shanghai People Press, 2016); The Appreciation of Chinese Section Opera (Shanghai People Press, 2016); Novel Collections: The Mini-robot Eating Mushrooms (Jiangsu Children Literature Publisher, 2013); Zhu Shanpi (Children Press of China, 2014). Translations: The Magicians of Caprona (written by Diana Wynne Jone, People’s Posts and Telecommunications Press, 2005)



Chloë Rae Edmonson currently teaches in the Theatre Department at the City College of New York. She is honored to share her knowledge of Western Theatre History with the esteemed students of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Her academic and creative work explores the essential relationship between intoxication, immersion, and performance. Her forthcoming dissertation is titled “Under the Influence: Drinking and Immersion in New York City Theatre and Popular Entertainment, 1850 to Present.” Chloë is a PhD Candidate in Theatre (ABD) at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. She holds her MA in Performance Studies from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (Wasserman Scholar, 2012) and a BA in Drama/English from Trinity University (magna cum laude, 2009).

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