The Marvin Carlson Theatre Center, Shanghai Theatre Academy

In 2015 the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) in China created on campus a space in honor of Professor Marvin Carlson, The Sidney E. Cohn Distinguished Professor of Theatre, Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern Studies at the Graduate Center CUNY. Carlson was invited to join the faculty of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

The Marvin Carlson Theatre Center (MCTC) in Shanghai is dedicated to academic exchange and research between Asia and the Americas. The Center is working on establishing a structured, long-term cooperation between the theatre programs at STA and GC CUNY based on courses, seminars, symposia, conferences and exchange of faculty and students.

Marvin Carlson has already made three trips to Shanghai to meet STA students, faculty and university administrators. STA created in collaboration with the MCTC a series of English-language seminars in Western theatre studies, with the goal of eventually establishing a Ph.D. program in that subject, the first of its kind in China. An initial theatre course was taught by Carlson in 2015, followed by GC CUNY Professor and Asian Theatre specialist Peter Eckersall in the fall of 2016 with a sequence of lectures on dramaturgy. STA Professor Kaiqi Hu taught an STA English-language seminar in the spring of 2016 with an enrollment of 21 students. German scholar and documentary theatre maker Kai Tuchmann will teach a class on documentary theatre in 2017. STA student Xuan Liu became the first Marvin Carlson Visiting Scholar at the Segal Theatre Center, GC CUNY in the spring of 2015. The second student, Han Gui, arrived in the spring of 2016, followed by playwright Yanhui Liu, STA Associate Professor of Theatre, Literature and Writing in the spring of 2017.

In October of 2015, Professor Gong of Shanghai Theatre Academy visited the GC CUNY, heading a large delegation of STA faculty and students. The group met with GC CUNY faculty and students, Frank Hentschker from the Segal Theatre Center, the 2016 Executive Officer of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre Professor Jean Graham-Jones, and Provost Louise Lennihan to discussed plans for future cooperation.


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