Graduate Center, CUNY

The Graduate Center, CUNY, of which the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center is an integral part, is the doctorate-granting institution of The City University of New York, (CUNY). An internationally recognized  center  for  advanced  studies  and  a national  model  for  public  doctoral  education,  the school offers more than thirty doctoral programs, as well as a number of master’s programs. Many of its  faculty  members  are  among  the  world’s  leading  scholars  in  their  respective  fields,  and  its alumni  hold  major  positions  in industry  and  government,  as well  as in academia.  The Graduate Center is also home to thirty-one interdisciplinary research centers and institutes focused on areas of compelling social, civic, cultural, and scientific concerns.  Located in a landmark Fifth Avenue building, The Graduate Center has become a vital part of New York City’s intellectual and cultural life with its extensive array of public lectures, exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical events.

Please visit: www.gc.cuny.edu

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