Marvin A. Carlson | Curricula Vitae



B.S. in Language Arts, University of Kansas, 1957

M.A. in English, University of Kansas, 1959

Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre, Cornell University, 1961




Instructor-Professor, Department of Theatre Arts, Cornell University,


Chairman, Department of Theatre Arts, Cornell University,



Professor of Theatre and Director of Graduate Studies, Indiana University,


Professor of Theatre and of Comparative Literature, Graduate Center, CUNY

Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Theatre, 1986-1995


Distinguished Professor of Theatre and Comparative Literature, Graduate Center, CUNY

Guest Professor, Freie Universität, Berlin, Spring term, 2003.

Visiting Professor, University of Warwick, January, 2009

Guest Professor, Shanghai Theatre Academy, 2014-present


Honors and Awards


Guggenheim Fellowship, 1968

Named Fellow of the American Theatre Association, 1981

Named Distinguished Professor, CUNY, 1986

ACLS International Commission on Theatre and Dance Studies, 1987

Named Sidney E. Cohn Professor of Theatre Studies, CUNY, 1988

Honorable Mention, George Freedley Awards, and Finalist, Bernard Hewitt Award,

for Places of Performance, 1990

Fellow of the Society for the Humanities, Indiana University,          1993

Walker-Ames Lecturer, University of Washington, January, 1994

George Jean Nathan Award, 1994

Career Achievement Award, ATHE, 1995

Burian Lectureship, SUNY Albany, April, 1997

Geske Lectureship in the History of the Arts, Lincoln, Nebraska, October, 1997

Elected to National Theatre Conference, Fall, 2000

ASTR Distinguished Scholarship Award, Fall, 2000

Alumni Honor Citation, University of Kansas, 2001

Joseph A. Calloway prize for The Haunted Stage, Fall, 2002

Doctorate honoris causae, University of Athens, September 28, 2005.

Festschrift: Changing the Subject: Marvin Carlson and Theatre Studies 1959-2009, ed.    Joseph Roach, University of Michigan Press, 2009

Edgar Rosenblum Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Theatre and Education,


ASTR Oscar Brockett Essay Prize, 2014

Tangier International Theatre Conference 2016 dedicated in homage

Thoth Award presented by International Festival of Experimental Theatre, Cairo, 2017

Plenary session devoted to 10,000 Nights, ASTR Atlanta, November, 2017

Citation for Contributions, Egyptian Academy of Arts, April 2018


Judge for International Competitions


Judge, Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theatre, Cairo, Egypt, September,


Judge, Onassis International Theatre Competition, Summer, 2000; Summer, 2004

Judge, Prague Quadrennial, Summer, 2011


Professional Affiliations


American Society for Theatre Research (Member of Executive Board, 1978-1980, 1983-

1986,   1992-1995), Program Chair, San Antonio Convention, 1997, Local Arrangements Chair, New York Convention, 2000

Association for Theatre in Higher Education

American Ibsen Society (Executive Board 1986-1995)

International Federation for Theatre Research

Players Club (1986-1995)

American Theatre Critics Association

Architecture on Stage (Executive Board)

National Theatre Conference





The Theatre of the French Revolution.  Cornell University, 1966.

Published in French, Le Theatre de la Revolution Francaise. Gallimard, 1970.

Chapter 6 published in German in Das Franzosiche Theater des 18 Jahrhunderts.               Wissenschaftlich Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt, 1984.

The French Stage in the Nineteenth Century.  Scarecrow, 1972.

The German Stage in the Nineteenth Century.  Scarecrow, 1972.

Editor, Moynet, French Theatrical Production in the Nineteenth Century. University of

Miami, 1974.

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The Italian Stage From Goldoni to D’Annunzio.   McFarlane Press, 1981.

Theories of the Theatre. Cornell University, 1984. Expanded edition, 1993.

Published in Italian, Teorie del teatro. Il Mulino, 1988.

Published in Slovenian, Teorije Gledalisca. Ljubljana, 1992.

Published in Portugese, Teorias do Teatro, Editora UNSEP, 1995.

Published in Croatian, Kazalisne teorije, Zagreb, 1996.

Published in Arabic, Nadarit al-Misrah, Cairo, 1996, expanded edition, Cairo, 2011

Published in Korean. Seoul, 2002.

Published in Slovak, Dejiny divadelnych teorii, Bratislava, 2006..

Published in Turkish, Tiyatro Teorileri, Ankara, 2007.

Places of Performance.  Cornell University Press, 1989.

Theatre Semiotics: Signs of Life.  Indiana University Press, 1990.

Section published in Hungarian, Budapest, 2014

The Play’s The Thing. (Co-author, Yvonne Shafer), Longman’s, 1990.

Deathtraps.  Indiana University Press, 1993.

Performance: A Critical Introduction. Routledge, 1996.

Second revised edition, Routledge, 2002

Third revised edition, Routledge, 2017

Chapter six published in Chinese, Theatre Arts, 3 (1998)

Published in Arabic, Fanan al-Aday, Cairo, 1999

Published in Slovenian, Ljubljana, 2002

Published in Finnish.  Helsinki, 2006

Published in Galacian, Santiago, 2006

Published in Polish, Warsaw, 2007

Published in Turkish, Ankara,2013

Chapter 8 reprinted in The Routledge Reader in Politics and Performance.

Routledge, 2000 and in The Performance Studies Reader, ed. Henry Bial,

Routledge, 2004.

Chapter 5 published in Galacian in Annuario Galego de Estudios Teatrais, Vigo,


Published in Portuguese, 2012

Section published in Hungarian, Budapest, 2014

Voltaire and the Theatre of the Eighteenth Century. Greenwood, 1998

The Haunted Stage: Theatre as Memory-Machine.  Michigan, 2001.

Section published in Hungarian, Budapest, 2014

Editor, The Arab Oedipus. Segal Center, 2005.

Speaking in Tongues: Languages at Play in the Theatre. Michigan, 2006.

Section published in Hungarian, Budapest, 2014

Editor, Four Plays from North Africa, Segal Center, 2008

Theatre is More Beautiful than War, Iowa, 2009.

Section published in Hungarian, Budapest, 2014

The Theatres of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, with Khalid Amine, Palgrave, 2011

Theatre: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford, 2014

A színpadtól a színpadig. Válogatás Marvin Carlson (collection of writings translated

into Hungarian: 5 articles and selections from five books)  Americana eBooks,

Hungary, 2014.

Hamlet’s Shattered Mirror: Theatre and the Real , Michigan, 2016

10,000 Nights;Highlights from 50 Years of Theatre-going. Michigan, 2017



Articles and Essays


“George Bernard Shaw: A Selected Bibliography, 1945-1955, Modern Drama

(September, 1959 and December, 1959)

“Henrik Ibsen and Finnegans Wake,” Comparative Literature (Spring, 1960)

“Meiningen Crowd Scenes and the Théâtre-Libre,”Educational Theatre Journal (Dec.,1961)

Contributed to A Digest of 500 Plays, ed., Theodore Shank.  Crowell-Collier, 1963.

“The Modern Drama: A Bibliography of Bibliographies,” Modern Drama (May 1965)

(Also published separately by the University of Kansas Press).

“A Theatre Inventory of the First Empire,” Theatre Survey (May, 1970)

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Plays Directed


Steele, The Crock of Gold, University of Kansas, 1959.

Jonson, Volpone, Cornell University, 1961.

O’Neill, The Great God Brown, Cornell University, 1962.

Brecht, The Private Life of the Master Race, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1962.

Masters, Spoon River Anthology, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1962.

Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, Cornell University, 1963.

Brecht, Galileo, Cornell University, 1963.

Daly, Under the Gaslight, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1963.

Ibsen, Rosmersholm, Cornell University, 1964.

Joyce, Finnegan’s Wake, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1964.

Boucicault, The Willow Copse, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1964.

Moliere, Tartuffe, Cornell University, 1965.

Duerrenmatt, The Physicists, Cornell University, 1965.

Beckett, Act Without Words, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1966.

Ionesco, The Bald Soprano, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1966.

Lagerkvist, The Difficult Hour, Cornell University Summer Theatre, 1966.

Shakespeare, Richard II, Cornell University, 1966.

Schiller, Mary Stuart, Cornell University, 1968.

Fielding, Lock Up Your Daughters, Cornell University, 1969.

Ibsen, The Wild Duck, Cornell University, 1970.

Calderon, Life is a Dream, Cornell University, 1971.

Kepel, The Good Soldier Schweik, Cornell University, 1972.

Ibsen, A Doll’s House, Cornell University, 1974.

Moliere, The Miser, Cornell University, 1975.

Tieck, Puss in Boots, Cornell University, 1976.

Turgenev, A Month in The Country, Cornell University, 1977.

Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Cornell University, 1979.

Goldoni, The Fan, Indiana University, 1980.

Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, Indiana University, 1981.

Masteroff, Caberet, Indiana University, 1983.

The Chester Ascension, Indiana University and Toronto, 1983.

Weiss, Marat/Sade, Indiana University, 1985.

The Fleury “St. Nicholas” Plays, Indiana University and Kalamazoo, 1986.



(Selected roles in University and Community theatres,, 1957-60)

Reverend Samuel Gardner in Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession University of Kansas 1956

Lord Edgard in Anouilh, Thieve’s Carnival University of Kansas 1956

Autolycus in Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale, University of Kansas 1957

Bardolph in Henry IV, Part I, University of Kansas 1957

Nonancourt in Labiche, An Italian Straw Hat University of Kansas 1958

Snorkey in Dale, Under the Gaslight University of Kansas 1958

Firs in Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard, Cornell Summer theatre

Roger Doremus in Williams, Summer and Smoke University of Kansas 1959

Eli Jenkins in Thomas, Under Milk Wood, University of Kansas Thatre, 1959

Rafe and other roles, Dr. Faustus, Cornell University, 1960

Ligurio in Machiavelli, Mandragola, Barnes Players

Folial in Ghelderode, Escurial, Barnes Players

Ferapont in Three Sisters, Barnes Players

The Impresario in Mozart, The Impresario, Cornell Music Department


(New York City)

Andrew Jackson in The Trail of Tears by Willinger and Shaw, Theater for the New City,

June 8-June 24, 2000.  “Marvin Carlson is a powerful Andrew Jackson.”–Backstage: Show Guide


Plays Designed

(All at Cornell University)

The Time of Your Life, 1961.

The Great God Brown, 1961.

The Gondoliers, 1962.

Oedipus Rex, 1963.

As You Like It, 1963.

Galileo, 1963.

Under the Gaslight, 1963.

Lysistrata, 1964.

The Jew of Malta, 1964.

The Happy Haven, 1964

Tartuffe, 1965.

The Pirates of Penzance, 1965.

Patience, 1966

Perichole, 1968




French,            reading, writing, speaking

German,          reading, writing, speaking

Italian,             reading only

Danish,            reading only

Norwegian      reading only

Spanish,           reading only

Latin,               reading only

Arabic             reading only



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